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History of RATH :

After graduating from Imperial College, London, UK in the field of structural civil engineering, Mr Sirilak Chandrangsu, Second Assistant Engineer of Construction Sub-Division, Construction Division, Department of State Highways came back to work for the government for a period before he was awarded a scholarship from the International Cooperation Agency – ICA of the United States of America to further his PhD studies in traffic engineering at Ohio State University during 1957 – 1958 through contact made by the International Road Federation (IRF). When Dr. Sirilak completed his studies and returned to Thailand, IRF offered to award scholarships to Thai graduate students to further studies in highway engineering in the US for one academic year on the condition that the scholarship will be awarded through any association in Thailand dealing with highways. The scholarship was offered through the Department of Highways. There was then an effort to establish a contact centre by companies, shops and engineers doing highway-related works to promote the exchange of both domestic and international knowledge and experience. On 27 December 1963, Lieutenant General Sathian Pojananand, Director-General of the Department of State Highways, submitted an application to the Police Special Branch Division to register the establishment of ‘Road Association of Thailand’ having the initial place of establishment at the Department of State Highways, Sri Ayudhya Road, Phyathai District, Bangkok.

Objectives :

  1. To promote the development of highways and logistics.
  2. To promote economic developments by means of cooperation in the improvement of logistics system on highways.
  3. To give the public and government agencies nationwide a good understanding of highways.
  4. To promote domestic travelling and tourism.
  5. To disseminate information on legislations or legal opinion relating to laws on highways and other related issues.
  6. To compile and prepare pamphlets, magazines, other printed materials and media to spread knowledge of the works of the Road Association of Thailand.
  7. To provide member countries, government organisations, private sectors and general public with consulting services relating to highways engineering and logistics both domestically and internationally, including training and education in highways and logistics.
  8. To provide services to road users and highway logistics practitioners by means of collecting and presenting opinion and needs.
  9. To promote and support activities undertaken for public interest, education, religions, society, culture and public health.
  10. To secure funds, donations to be used in the business of the association relating to public charity or for the benefits of the society in various aspects
  11. Not to involve with any political activities.